Class Pass

I am WELL aware that this blog is about 6 – 18 months to late, this is old news and most fitness fans or industry professionals know exactly what class pass is . . . HOWEVER here is my little 10 cense. I heard about Class Pass for the first time about 2 years ago[…]

The Break

The Break Taking a break from fitness is unavoidable for everyone. Intentional or unintentional it’s impossible to be Mr or Miss Fit every day, week and month of every year. Frankly, if you are that person, I am afraid we can’t be friends. You clearly don’t get out enough. Just kidding, just kidding! Unfortunately, when[…]

Whats the deal with Bikram

What’s the deal with Bikram? A few tips to get by in the hot hot world of Bikram Yoga. Hey (hopefully) guys and (probably) girls. Guess what I have been up too of late … eating cake… oh, and Bikram Yoga! Like those of you who haven’t visited a private yoga studio before (let alone[…]

Barre VS Bar #5

So its the last week.  I have two main points to add in here as well and a personal email I received from a friend that really summed up my friends experience. Interesting stuff. This week I had my first serious ‘dead-leg’ situation. I want to get into the science of this, purely for myself[…]

Barre VS Bar #4

Aba – daba – doooooooo! (That is the title of this weeks blog and I am sticking to it). Wanna get this out of the way now because I am a little uncomfortable with sounding boastful. I have generally always had a pretty flat tummy. Sorry, please don’t throw things at me. It’s true, between[…]

Barre vs Bar #3

OOOOOOUUUUCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I take it all back. I take it all way, way, back. Back to 1989 back. This week has been hard. Mainly because I have been busy and have actually struggled to fit the training in! I did, however, managed to get to two dance classes this week which is pretty exciting because recently[…]

Barre VS Bar #2

Week one into my new programme and all I feel like saying is wow oh wow! I feel AWESOME! I did my three sessions, nicely spaced out and have been surprised that I can do it. Especially the upper body work, were previously I would have drawn the line at push ups, I am now[…]

Barre VS Bar #1

I am over it. I am officially over the shininess of the new year and now I am stuck in the mud of March. Or in our case in London, frozen stiff with the cold and grey. Questions about why I am not millionaire living on an island float through my mind – but back[…]

Getting results!

Welcome back readers, lets assume you have began your journey and have committed to a regular workout regime that would make Mr. Motivator proud. I am gonna let you into a few little secrets that (I hope) will kick you into the next gear, although . . .  I can totally understand why what I[…]

Where to start . . .

  Where to Start . . . This is one of the most common problems faced by most people. We want to get started – working on some mythical goal about health or fitness levels or body image or fat loss. But where, oh where to begin? I ask myself the same questions about all[…]