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I am WELL aware that this blog is about 6 – 18 months to late, this is old news and most fitness fans or industry professionals know exactly what class pass is . . . HOWEVER here is my little 10 cense.

I heard about Class Pass for the first time about 2 years ago from a college at the YMCA. I was very busy and stressed that day, I remember that I didn’t really have the time to entertain him with his nonsense talk of some app that let people waltz around studios, doing whatever they wanted . . . excuse me while I spend some time trying to kick myself in the head for this wild underestimation of what can safely be called an industry phenomenon. So here it is – better late then never – just in case anyone out there missed the memo.


Class pass is an app that you pay a rolling subscription to in order to gain access to fitness classes all over London and major cities in America and Australia.


During the wildly busy summer I have had, I was struggling to find the motivation to train myself properly as well as cling to an organised professional self. I thought Class Pass might be a fun way to trick myself into taking some time back for myself. Luckily over the summer CP had an amazing promotion running. As a new subscriber I could get the first three months for half price.

There are only two payment packages available. The unlimited package lets you go to as many classes as you like in the month at the pretty price of £110 p/m.

The 5 class package is exactly what it says on the tin, you can attend five classes to each month. This package is normally £55 p/m but with my promotion I got three months for £27.50 per month.

There is one rule to remember, you are only allowed to visit a studio 2 or 3 times in any one month. This is to keep the service fair for the studios and to keep members moving and trying new things.

The Hype!

Lots of my clients and friends have been raving about Class Pass. They were just bopping around the city, going to some very exclusive and desirable fitness boutiques, it all sounds glamorous but naturally I was sceptical. I failed to see how taking yoga, then dance, then lifting weights, then reformer, then indoor cycle (and so on) with no set plan would result in reaching any kind of goal. It sounded fun, sure, but where’s the plan? How are the studio boppers getting progression, learning good technique and building relationships with trainers that will support you? How, I cried HOW?!

Friends had insisted that it was amazing, they told me that all the studios where fantastic and some businesses totally tailored to fit in with the Class Pass revolution. They loved the variety and the spontaneity of the app, not to mention how accessible it is. Thats the main ideology of Class Pass:  to create a app that made working out 100x easier and more accessible if you are one of those people spending hundreds of pounds on a gym you don’t even like going to.

The Reality for me

I am happy to say that I was wrong and a little bit right. MWAhaha me and my opinions that I role out as if they were facts! Its all relative, remember.

This app is not for the clientele I originally thought it was aimed at. This is not an app for the new-bees or first timer. I had thought the target audience was people with little to no experience in fitness who wanted to try out lots of classes to see what they liked. But no no. This is an app for your fit and healthy 20-40 year old who is sick on the same old run of the treadmill gym experience and who wants to experience more.

Secondly, I thought it was pretty expensive (this has clearly been a long lesson for me in not judging things until you have tried them).  In actual fact it is very affordable when you consider that a drop-in class at most of these studios would set you back £20-£35. A couple of those a week you we are talking about a lot of money per month. Making this a seriously affordable why to experience some of the best training around for a lower price.

I was mostly concerned that Class Pass wouldn’t be helpful for people who are new to fitness. In my experience studios are used to clientele who know the ropes, meaning that new people can be left to fend for themselves. As for goal setting and my ‘must have a plan’/OCD melt down – I was wrong. Wrong about both of those things.

I believe in movement, and movement needs no plan. If class pass gets a lazy Lucy to go to a Zumba class once a week, thats BRILLIANT. No plan needed. Moving more is always, always going to trump not moving at all. If you are a fitness enthusiast with great knowledge, personal goals in mind and an understanding of what your body will need to get you there then again, BRILLIANT. There is definitely a way to use class pass to achieve your goals if you got the smarts. Still slightly concerned about that middle group how have some goals, but are not really sure which classes and how often to be doing which classes to get you there. (Email me, I can maybe give you a boost)

The Highlights

So much choice, all over the city, all the time. You can find some absolute gems and even get to experience something special like taking a yoga class up the shard! If you love fitness, love verity and are looking to exercise enough to work off that 3am cheesy chips on the way home from staff drinks, GO FOR IT.

The Downer

I would say that if you are a new starter, with a specific fitness goals, this might not be the best service for you. Serious weight loss, strength gains or rehab needs a more personalised, strategic approach. Also being flexible with time and being able to travel are going to important to getting a good experience. Different areas of London offer different things.

My Top Tip

When you get to any new class, go say hi to your instructor. Let them know what level you are at and ask what to expect. They will be happy to get to know you and look after you during the class. Speaking from experience, I was well used to meeting new class pass clients and it was fun to explain how we did things. Please don’t be shy, if you have a funny knee, TELL THEM, you won’t be shunned.

My top picks


Believe the hype. The classes are good, hard and only abit scary the first time. The trainers are forceful without being to pushy, and are clear about what to do and when. What really sets this studio apart is the kit, the changing rooms and the little extra touches. It’s a great experience and you will feel like a super star! Grab a yum protein smoothly on the way out and if you time, you can even get a curly blow dry!!!

Yoga at the Shard

I had heard mixed reviews about this class, but I have a great experience. The class was on the 24 floor of London’s most iconic building which was a real treat. The teacher was lovely, and her flow was beautiful and well explained. She gave everyone a little prod when you needed it (which I love – correct me PLEASE!!!!!) just make sure you have your paper work in order, you will need ID that matches your class pass information to be allowed access.

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