The Break

The Break

Taking a break from fitness is unavoidable for everyone. Intentional or unintentional it’s impossible to be Mr or Miss Fit every day, week and month of every year. Frankly, if you are that person, I am afraid we can’t be friends. You clearly don’t get out enough.

Just kidding, just kidding!

Unfortunately, when things get stressful, we tend to treat our fitness as the first thing to be set aside.

This summer has proven to be exactly the same for me. I have been totally bombarded with trips and events, not to mention still trying to run myself as a business. It’s been hard on my body, my brain and my bank balance.

The weddings, parties and trips were obviously all planned and so I actively decided (in advanced) to relax and just go with it. All the delicious food and drinks, I wanted to enjoy them all, not be worried about my weight gain and strength loss. I think that has been the turning point for me and a personal first: to truly allow myself to go with it. I know that I will bounce back when I am ready. I know that the gym wont run away. That my clothes won’t all turn against me. My strength and endurance will improve again. The key has been to relax and enjoy it – even if I did have my skirt undone for half of one wedding, I had a great time. I only trained when I wanted to and when I felt I needed it mentally – cue running on the beach in Benidorm, hiking in Palma and swimming in Nice. I sound so glamorous lol.

The spanner in the works was down to my recent ‘uncoupling’ (thats right, Gwyneth Paltrow, what you gonna do?) of my boyfriend and I, which resulted in me actually leaving London all together. As a self-employed fitness professional and just a human this has been taxing to say the least, so we are looking at about 3 months total where I have been taking a break from any serious fitness plan.

My own body has been nowhere on my agenda.

I had planned a glorious bounce back for September, this was to be my time to shine . . . and sweat! I had ‘Class Pass‘ ready to go and my motivation was through the roof – but I then upped and moved cities in the space of two weeks.

I made sure to take some yoga classes before leaving London amidst the meetings, packing and phone calls (just to keep me sane) but I was defiantly not in control of my exercise and nutrition? Don’t even get me started on my eating! As I said goodbye to London, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful friends who wanted to wave me off with wine… and chocolate A lot of wine and choclate. My Joe Wicks cook book got shoved in a box and replaced with the Deliveroo app and so, my life was a mess for another month.

Now it’s October and it’s time to bounce back.

I am now happily at home in a small town in Lancashire, sat in a cottage on top of a windy hill. With the time and motivation I now have, you are going to see a lot more blog writing, video posting and other bits to help you with your own bounce back, if you care to join me. Just remember to be kind to yourself and know that you will get there. I am right there with you. No one is perfect. Perfect people are boring. So if life gets crazy: relax, do your best and be ready to take control when you can.

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