Barre VS Bar #1

I am over it. I am officially over the shininess of the new year and now I am stuck in the mud of March. Or in our case in London, frozen stiff with the cold and grey. Questions about why I am not millionaire living on an island float through my mind – but back to reality *sigh*. Secretly I don’t want to workout anymore, I don’t want to eat clean anymore and I want a chocolate flavoured cocktail with marshmallows on top x5. I am in a resolution slump. And yet, that annoying, relentless part of my brain I can’t accept this, I need to move!

I have to do something physical, no matter how positive sitting at the computer planning things is, it’s not really for me. Then I get my lightbulb moment.

For those of you who may not know this already, I am a trained dancer. I started ballet at 4 years old and now some 22 (cringe) years later, contemporary dance and ballet are still largely my bread and butter. I say largely because in 2012 I started my journey into the world of fitness and even though this turning point has been one of the happiest times ever, it has been bitter sweet as my relationship with dance has changed. Now I am truly a semi-professional dancer, an enthusiast or even worse, the worst worst worst word ever . . . an amateur. BLURGH!

In a world where my physical relationship with my body has been to perfect myself for my art, it’s been a weird shift. I am not performing very regularly, I am not auditioning at all, no photo shoots, no offers, no one-off gigs and no real incentive to train 4/5 days a week. Now I go to class because I want to. Not because I have too. Thats sounds like a good thing but it’s a real head bender. I don’t HAVE to be ready for… anything.
Four years on and I am now embracing my new relationship with dance, I go to class with no pressure to be the best in the room, not worried about auditions and honestly I am a happier and better dancer for that change.

But physically I am lost…

And bored.

My body is bored. 

Back to that lightbulb – Strength Training.

Dance friends ask me, why? Fitness friends ask me, why? My partner asks me, will you get really big then?

The simple answer is because I want to feel strong again. (and ‘no bigger then normal darling’)

I want to feel able and powerful and have something to work towards. I want a plan for my body and to do the plan.

Equally and perhaps more importantly, I want to be able to relate to the women I am training. In my role at No1 Fitness Studio, I will be ‘Personal Training’ clients who want to transform their bodies in 6 – 12 weeks. As a product, No1 like to focus on smart goals, tailored training and loaded movement. That means weights. A lot of weights.

Now I am hardly a beginner, I know the main compound lifts. It’s my job. I use them in my classes/sessions all the time. Have I ever really used them on myself in a proper programme? Nope. . . .

Cue Miss Angela Rey! Angela and I worked at the YMCA together and she is the strongest girl I know, who better to learn from? I also really trust her with my body, she knows me, knows what I am capable of and what matters to me. She also knows when to tell me to woman-up!

We did a 2 hour workshop were Angela taught me the nitty gritty of ‘lifting for strength’ and she wrote me a 4 week programme to follow by myself. Our session together was really exciting and fun! I didn’t know I was allowed to giggle, squeak and gossip in the free weights room (typically dominated by men) but turns out it’s a pretty chilled place to hangout! Angela is very patient and takes me through everything I needed to know from the beginning. Riding this wave of information I leave with a secret plans to become a power lifter, a strong women and take over the world, all after just 2 hours with Miss Rey! Who knew this would be so empowering!

I am really excited to get going, get bruises and get strong! A little nervous but mostly excited!! *girly squeal* 

I will be posting a week by week account of my time ‘clanging and a banging’ in the free weights room, keeping you up to date with the science, my feelings and the results I will find to be true. Happy Easter x o x o

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