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Just a quick chance for me to say hello

HI FRIENDS, thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to get to know a bit more about little old me! My name is Kate and I am your go-to-girl for all things dance and fitness. I grew up in Lancashire, where i started my dance training at age 4 and pretty much never stopped. I am now based in central London offering a whole heap of fitness and dance classes every week, as well as personal training sessions for those of you looking for a little quality time. MY CORE VALUES as a trainer are that with the right support we are all capable of greatness. I also firmly believe that having a healthy, capable, strong body is more about wellbeing than aesthetic. Having a killer six pack is great . . . but so is cake. Let me get you into the best shape for you, so that you are truly happy and able without any nastiness, negativity or self-doubt. TEACHING CHILDREN is a big part of my life. I teach specialised PE lessons in inner city schools with specific health needs, as well as after-school ballet and dance. I know that I have valued all of my dance and PE teachers whilst growing up and still remember so much of what they taught me. I aim to have that same positive impact on all the girls and boys I teach each week. I CAN STILL TRED-THE-BOARDS from time to time with 'The Gatsby Girls', 'Sami Russell's Dancers' or 'Beyond Repair Dance'. Leading workshops, intensives or one-to-one contemporary dance programmes is something I love to do! Look out for me at Danceworks, London where i train, run courses and cover classes regularly. THANK YOU so much for reading and hope to see you in a studio soon.


Just a couple of my favourite pictures taken by some very special friends
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The Bridge

Wayne Lennon
Wayne has been a good friend for years and true to form, he really pulled something special out of the bag in this image! I could hardly believe it was me!
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Rocking the 80’s look

Paige Williams
Paige focuses on family photography mainly but luckily for me she agreed to indulge me with a day of fun and fancy dress in our ‘fitness through the ages’ shoot SO MUCH FUN
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We three

Sami Russell Dancers
One very very cold sunday morning in the winter of 2013 Sami got us girls together for a shoot we will never forget. Partly because of the cold but MOSTLY because of images like this! Thanks to Chantal Guevara for the images.
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Twin Thing

Jonathan Lindley
probably the most natural picture of my brother and I where we aren’t pulling stupid faces! I love this one because we are both just doing what we love. I am in the air and J is using one of granddads old cameras. It might not mean a lot to anyone else, but it means a lot to me!

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